Early to mid-stage Private Equity Investors, Strategic Business Partners (financial, operational, etc), and Sellers and Buyers of companies have many different types of needs depending on their level of involvement or expertise in the management of a buy-sell transaction, equity capitalization project, or investment banking transaction. Consequently, we offer the following types of professional services, each one depending on your specific needs.

  • Strategic Role Involvement (officer role, titled positions, etc)
  • Private Equity placements
  • Full-Service Representation
  • Hourly Consulting
  • Retainer-Based Consulting
  • Fee-Based Consulting
  • Success-Based Representation
  • Equity Participation
  • Stock Participation (incl. convertible arrangements)
  • General Business Management Consulting
  • Business Growth and Marketing Strategies


Selling your Company or wanting to acquire one?

Seller Representation

  • Pre-Sale Planning, Packaging, Positioning, and Market Identification
  • Buyer Location, Qualification, and Selection
  • Negotiation and Transaction Structure
  • Transaction Closure
  • Post-Closing Issues

Buyer Representation

  • Pre-Purchase Planning
  • Location of Companies "that fit"
  • Strategic Target Market Searches
  • Co-brokerage Involvement / Intermediation (of other Brokers' clients)

Seller Positioning and Strategy

Transaction Negotiation Management

Due Diligence


Post-Closing Issues


Additional services include

  • Private Equity Projects
  • Investment Banking Projects
  • Corporate Valuation
  • Capital Sourcing
  • Financial Management
  • Growth & Expansion Consulting Management




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